Provincial documents

Number/Code The date of issuance Extract
47/2012/QĐ-UBND 14/04/2014

On issuing regulations of supporting enterprises investing in supporting industries projects in industrial zones, industrial clusters in Vinh Phuc province.

56/2012/NQ-HĐND 19/07/2012

RESOLUTION: Promulgating the support mechanism for the projects of investment support industry projects in the industrial and clusters zone in the province

1889/QĐ-UBND August 8, 2012

Establishment of Vinh Phuc Investment Promotion Agency

34/2012/QD-UBND October 15, 2012

Issuance of Statute on coordination among organizations, individuals joining the Dialogue Portal “Enterprise – Government”

1440/QĐ-UBND June 28, 2012

Establishment of Vinh Phuc Investment Promotion Steering Committee

1973/UBND-NC1 April 23, 2013

Solving administrative formalities under the one-top service in IPA Vinh Phuc

2600/QD-CT 15 October 2012

Promulgating Regulation on Organization and Operation
of Vinh Phuc Investment Promotion Agency

45/2012/QD-UBND 06 November 2012

Promulgating temporary regulations on criteria, titles and remuneration policies toward cadres, civil servants, public employees and contractual employees working for Vinh Phuc Investment Promotion Agency

41/2012/QĐ-UBND October 29, 2012

Regulation on “one stop service” administrative procedure settlement on direct investment projects at Vinh Phuc Investment Promotion Agency

40/2012/QĐ-UBND October 29, 2012

Regulations promulgated administrative procedures settlement one door shop on the construction investment projects of Vinh Phuc Investment Promotion Agency

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