Investment preferential policies of Vinh Phuc Province

Apart from the general preferential policies prescribed by the Government:

  • Corporate income tax;
  • Tariffs;
  • Tax incentives to use non-agricultural land;
  • Incentives for land;
  • Projects in the field of socialization
  • Investment projects in agriculture and rural areas.


Vinh Phuc province had the investment incentives stipulated in the documents:

  • Resolution No. 60 / NQ- HDND dated July 19th, 2012 of the provincial People’s Council on Vinh Phuc administrative reform program in the  period of 2012-2020;


  • Resolution No 57.2016. NQ-HDND dated December 12th , 2016 of the provincial People’s Council on some specific measures to attract investment and support the development of businesses in the Vinh Phuc  province;


  • Resolution No. 207/2015 / NQ- HDND dated  December 22th, 2015 of the provincial People’s Council and Decision No. 18/2016 / QD-UBND  dated March 31th, 2016 of the provincial People’s Committees on some mechanisms and policies to support vocational education and job creation in the Vinh Phuc  province in the  period of 2016 – 2020;


  • Decision No. 25/2016 / QD-UBND  dated May 6th, 2016 of the provincial People’s Committees implementing regulations specific support policies to encourage enterprises to invest in agriculture and rural areas in the Vinh Phuc province in the period of 2016-2020;


  • Resolution No. 45/2016 / NQ- HDND dated September 24th, 2016 of the Vinh phuc  People’s Council  on specific support for families and individuals in the state area of agricultural land acquisition for the implementation of construction plan of urban tourism, high-quality services in the areas facing economic restructuring of Vinh Phuc province in the period of  2016-2021;


  • The province has a policy of clean land hand over the pilot project to encourage investment priorities include: Project of  Education and training, vocational training; Medical; Sport; Environmental remediation;


  • Coordinate the timely enterprises solve difficulties and problems arising in the process of forming the project as well as the production and business of enterprises; Receiving the petition, directing promptly solve difficulties and problems of enterprises by establishing, maintaining active Vinh Phuc  dialogue Portal Enterprise – government (since receiving questions and proposals of the business reflects, the province is responsible for answering after a period not exceeding 05 working days);


  • In terms of administrative procedures: being open about the process and component records, forms and supervised settlement mechanism adopted  by one stop service  software and electronic Investor contact with Vinh Phuc Investment Promotion Agency (IPA Vinh Phuc) for filing and receiving the result of administrative procedures on investment over time reduced from 1/3 to half compared with the general regulations of Vietnam;


  • Investors can find out information about the socio-economic situation, investment incentives and projects calling for investment through the website of the Vinh Phuc Investment Promotion Agency (IPA Vinh Phuc): (Translated by 05 languages: Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean);


  • For large projects, depending on the specific project, the province could consider and decide on the investment incentives accordingly.


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